About Us

Welcome to the official blog of the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau.  Nestled in the North East Corner of Indiana are ten communities that all share a common bond. And that bond is DeKalb County.

Our job at the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau is to showcase all of the experiences the county has to offer and one of the many ways we do that is by blogging.

Each of our blogs tells a different story of DeKalb County and we hope that by sharing these stories and events it will encourage people from all over the world to visit the place we call home.

Make us your next destination with a group, and be sure to visit our new website, www.carcludestination.com, for all your car club or large group needs.

DeKalb County Visitors Bureau
500 South Grandstaff Drive, Suite C
Auburn, Indiana 46706

Toll Free (877) 833-3282
Local (260) 927-1499
Fax (260) 927-1599

Email: info@dekalbcvb.org
Like us on Facebook "Visit DeKalb County"
Follow us on Twitter "DeKalb CVB"
Website: www.dekalbcvb.org 

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