The Amazing Fall Fun Corn Maze

This past weekend I went to the Amazing Fall Fun Corn Maze in Waterloo, IN and it was an absolute blast. There were three different mazes you could try out depending on the amount of time you wanted to spend on each one.


Phase 1 lasted about 20 minutes, Phase 2 was the longest lasting around 40 minutes, and the “Fairytale Trail” was for families with small children.

The Fairytale Trail had the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” as the theme with a story board on each corner explaining the tale.Photo Oct 07, 2 44 45 PM

I recommend devoting several hours to visit so that you can have enough time to enjoy everything. And I also recommend wearing proper outdoor footwear because it can get pretty muddy at times.


Besides the different mazes there was plenty of activities for families to enjoy.


There was “Farmer Foosball”, straw mountains, tires slides, a petting zoo, a hayride and plenty of other family fall fun activities.

The Amazing Fall Fun Corn Maze was a great example of Hoosier Agritourism and I highly recommend going and checking out “Northeast Indiana’s Largest Corn Maze”!



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