Early Ford V-8 Foundation Raffle Drawing Winner


Last Thursday, many people recognized and celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day. The Early Ford V-8 Foundation & Museum’s Raffle Drawing also took place, giving one very lucky individual even more reason to celebrate, as they would be the new owner of an early Ford vehicle!

The Museum began selling $10 tickets to win a 1940 Ford Opera Coupe after it was donated to the foundation from Tom and Pam Johnston, from Napa, California! In less than two months, 4,000 tickets were sold in all 50 states and 9 different countries!

At 2:00 PM, March 17th, numerous Early Ford V-8 Foundation members, visitors to the Museum, and other Ford enthusiasts, gathered around to watch the lucky ticket get selected from the raffle drum!


 Vince Carabelos, from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, was the winner of the 1940 Ford Opera Coupe! He is also a member of the Early Ford V-8 Foundation! Two other tickets were chosen as 2nd and 3rd runner ups, which made them the winners of a hardback book on the ’40 Ford design, written primarily by auto historian, Joseph Cabadas.

Proceeds from the ticket sales benefited the Early Ford V-8 Foundation & Museum! Check out our other blog that announced exciting news of the Museum’s expansion plans, and if you are interested in donating to the “Buy the Foot” campaign, visit www.fordv8foundation.org/addition.html for a donation form!

Head to our website, dekalbcvb.org, to see what other exciting happenings are going on in DeKalb County, Indiana!


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Welcome to the official blog of the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau. Nestled in the North East Corner of Indiana are ten communities that all share a common bond. And that bond is DeKalb County. Our job at the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau is to showcase all of the experiences the county has to offer and one of the many ways we do that is by blogging. Each of our blogs tells a different story of DeKalb County and we hope that by sharing these stories and events it will encourage people from all over the world to visit the place we call home.
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