Meet Daniel Brown: Automotive Artist

We all had that one friend, while growing up, that we knew had a true talent that no one could deny. Maybe for some it was sports, and we would think, “Wow, Chris could be in the NBA some day”, or for others its intellect, singing, or even making people laugh.
As for Daniel Brown’s friends, they most likely thought, “Dan is going to be an artist someday.” Now, 20-some years later, they are looking back and realizing they were right about Daniel.
Brown, who is an automotive artist, or in informal terms: he paints cars, said, “I was always known as the friend who could draw, people always asked me to draw for them.

I was given the opportunity to hear Brown speak at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum on Tuesday evening, March 24th.

Brown's Art Exhibit at the Museum

Brown’s Art Exhibit at the Museum

Not only did I learn interesting information about his paintings, but I also got to learn more about Daniel. The down to earth, cool guy from Dayton, Ohio.

He said his way of doing everything, from housework to painting, is done in one fashion: fast.
To back up that statement, Daniel completes his paintings in two to three days. From start to finish. Beginning to end. Wow.
Looking around the room, at more than a dozen of his big paintings, they look like they could have taken months to complete. Brown’s technique not only includes working quickly, but his brush strokes are something you don’t see very often. When you look at one of Brown’s painting from afar, it looks clear and focused. However, when you step closer and closer to the piece, it becomes a bit fuzzier and the once “sharp” lines disappear. How does he do this?



To start, many artists use the method of drawing a light sketch of the picture before they begin painting. Also, artists have a tendency to paint in sections. Well, Daniel Brown doesn’t abide by those rules. Nope, he just starts the canvas all at once.

It is difficult for someone, such as myself, who was not given painting skills, to see his work so perfectly done, and to know that he just started with a blank canvas and finished, 72 hours later, with a complete piece. The funny thing is, Brown says his painting are far from perfect.
“My paintings are full of mistakes. As long as it feels consistent, but it might not be what I wanted, I just let my errors go,” he said.
After all, mistakes are part of life…for everyone, and Brown was able to remind me of that on Tuesday evening.
Though Brown considers his artwork far from perfection, he still has completed over 100 pieces for commission and truly loves doing it because it is so meaningful to the people who hire him for the job.
Of course, Brown enjoys painting fancy, classic cars, but he also enjoys painting normal, everyday vehicles. His reasoning is that car art is something that is normally glorified and put on a pedestal, but he is intrigued by the realistic feel of the paintings he creates.

"The Neighborhood"

“The Neighborhood”

His hopes for the future involves changing and expanding car art from the standard notion. Brown has an idea of doing a series of people with their own cars, his example was a soccer mom with her ford explorer.
Though he enjoys a more realist view of cars, Brown says he has gotten more appreciation for the classics, but just doesn’t know much about them. Well, Mr. Brown, stick around DeKalb County, and we will show you all there is to know about the classics! After all, Auburn is the proud home of them!

"New Dues"

“New Dues”

Daniel Brown’s artwork will be displayed until April 24th, 2015 at the ACD Museum. Stop by and see his incredible work!

Also, check out his website: and look forward to a TV special of him and his artwork soon on PBS or YouTube.


By: J.Phillips


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