Ho, Ho, Ho… Santa in downtown Auburn

With the Traveling Suitcase in hand, I head to Auburn, it’s a Thursday evening.  As I approach the downtown park, I see boys and girls lined up for a mile long it seems.  They appear to be antsy as they wait, but they know they must behave as Santa is not just watching… he is very close by and ready to hear their wish-list!!!


I find myself recalling memories of visiting Santa in the same unique Chalet over 20 years ago! I wonder if anything will be added to the suitcase at this stop?

I wait in line to sneak and capture a special moment with Santa and a child… perfect, I see my friend, Dailey waiting with cute little Ryleigh.

As we wait, the suitcase sits for a moment.  I get text messages saying, “I see the Traveling Suitcase!”  I wonder if anyone is taking my challenge and trying to catch me out and snap a photo with the suitcase!

All of a sudden I catch another friend, Anna trying to peak in the suitcase! I holler, “Hey, no peeking, Santa is watching… you must follow the blog to know what is in the Traveling Suitcase!”


Anna then clicks “Follow” on this blog to stay updated with the latest in DeKalb County and learn about attractions! Wow, it’s that easy!

The line moves slowly but each time the door opens and Mrs. Claus welcomes in another child we know it is a special moment that can’t be rushed.

We get to the front of the line, we wait, Ryleigh seems unsure but alert to what is going on, and curious.  We make our way in, and the Chalet is as cozy as I remember it.  Ryleigh stands by Santa, hands crossed, really thinking as she starts to talk.  She eventually decides she will sit on Santa’s lap.  She shares that she wants a bicycle for Christmas and has a big smile on her face!


Mrs. Claus grabs the suitcase and we leave with a candy cane and special memories of another Holiday in downtown Auburn… lit up with Frosty the Snowman waving, lights stranded in the park, buildings and business windows… Great stop for the Traveling Suitcase.  Plan a trip over the Holiday and enjoy the special “small” moments, along with visiting some of the many attractions.  Follow the Traveling Suitcase and let’s discover more of DeKalb County!

View photos from this trip and more: Flickr


About Visit DeKalb County

Welcome to the official blog of the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau. Nestled in the North East Corner of Indiana are ten communities that all share a common bond. And that bond is DeKalb County. Our job at the DeKalb County Visitors Bureau is to showcase all of the experiences the county has to offer and one of the many ways we do that is by blogging. Each of our blogs tells a different story of DeKalb County and we hope that by sharing these stories and events it will encourage people from all over the world to visit the place we call home.
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1 Response to Ho, Ho, Ho… Santa in downtown Auburn

  1. vsperry says:

    Thanks for following my blog Muse-ings! Can’t wait to see more of your home-town, home-style tourism!!!

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