Antiques in Auburn, Indiana

DeKalb County Visitors Bureau would like to Thank David and Mary Southern for 23 years of business at their Sixth Street Emporium Antique Mall.  The Antique Mall was an attraction to tourists browsing the streets of downtown Auburn seeking a unique shopping experience.

Curious about the Sixth Street Emporium building? I was!

Brief History of the building of now closed Sixth Street Emporium Antique Mall:

The building was built in 1928 as a furniture store.

The architecture is southwestern Spanish Style.

Ray and Kate Dilgard founders of the Funeral and Furniture business started in 1904, in Auburn. They were world travelers and always enjoyed Mexico as their favorite destination.  Ray visited a furniture store in Mexico City and fell in love with its design and charm.  He brought the plans home for his new furniture store.  He completed the building in 1928 and opened that same year.  Ray and Kate purchased all the exterior tiles in Mexico that adorn the building.

In 1938 Lloyd and Helena Cline moved to Auburn and joined the funeral and furniture business.  Shortly thereafter, they became full partners and operated both businesses with Ray and Kate.

In 1965 David and Mary Southern, became partners in both businesses.

The funeral business was sold in 1986 and the furniture store was closed in 1989. Shortly thereafter, Dave and Mary decided to operate an antique mall and utilize the furniture building, that they had purchased.

The building has 12,500 square feet of space. The mezzanine is open so 90% of the floor areas can be seen when entering the building.

The building is so unique and the space is unlimited for many business options! Leaves me wondering what will go into the space?

If you are looking for Antiques, some shops very close by are as follows:

Antiques on 5th                                109 East 5th                             260-333-0586

Antiques on the Square                   121 S. Main St.                        260-223-1757

Blue Fruit Jar                                   123 W. 8th St.                           260-333-3003

Country Lane General Store            221 N. Main                             260-925-5090

Vintage Images and Antiques          204 N. Jackson                        260-226-8836

Gallery 326 Antiques                        2193 General Doolittle Dr.        60-572-6490

Many of the Vendors from Sixth Street Emporium moved into Antiques On 5th which recently opened.  The space is bigger than I thought, and has Quality Dealers in a Mall Like Setting.  It holds 11 vendors and is growing.

Again, a sincere Thank You to the Southerns for their many years of service to the Community of Auburn.

Follow our  blog, and watch for me to explore the Antique Shops and share highlights and photos!



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